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Cosmetic Surgeons - 
Get more Instagram followers! 

Are you a plastic surgeon looking for more followers so that you can get more patients?

We have the ultimate way to increase your Instagram following. It is fully compliant and we'll get you real followers, many of whom will engage with your posts. No bots, no fakes, no banned accounts, just great results!

Instagram is essential for plastic surgeons so that you can show off your work, interact with potential patients and grow your business using the power of social media.

We have the instagram secret to get you followers.
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Step 1

We book a celebrity with over 500,000 followers. It will be someone with a large audience who will also be interested in your account. We set up a post for the celebrity, and our partner firms donate a prize (e.g. Iphones & designer products).


Step 1

We set up a giveaway where their followers will have to follow your account to win a prize. This is the clever bit. You will get a guaranteed number of followers, and every single one of them - 100% - will be real people. 


Step 1

Some of the celebrity's followers now become your followers. Now all you have to do is keep posting great content to keep them engaged. But here's the second win - for our larger packages, we also manage your account, write your posts and take care of it for you!

Let's set up a phonecall, and discuss whether this is a good for you!

Watch out for 'Blocked Account' horror stories
We follow instagram's community guidelines 
because this is all about your success

Here's how we keep it kosher so that your account is safe, secure and successful

We care about your goals. When you sign up, we dig deep to find out about your personality, your business and your "voice".

The next step is to get you more followers with a proven, reliable  system that is 100% compliant with Instagram's rules.  

Instagram is essential for your business, and an essential tool for showing off your work. Research shows that 73% of potential customers will take a look at your social media before purchasing or paying for your service.

Here's Why we Boost your profile!!

Cosmetic Surgeons need to have a great Instagram following so that you can demonstrate your work and connect with more potential patients. Some surgeons have fantastic Instagram followings with a lot of engaged followers, so why not join them? Their photos are beautiful, their posts are well-written and their calendar is full. We we will help build your profile and get it up to scratch. Botox, breast enhancements and rhinoplasties all have an important purpose for the patient, they all have the potential for interesting social media posts, and there are more people than ever before who will potentially book your services - even if it means specially flying into your state! Let’s get your profile seen alongside the most prominent surgeons, and get you more customers than ever before.

Our Clients Love Our System
Because It is So Simple to Use...
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1. We choose an Instagram influencer whose audience will align with your work.

2. We set up a giveaway where people follow you. 

choose your image

3. Your audience grows and grows so you have more engaged followers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  How much will it cost?

Step 1

That depends upon which service you require. We have a few levels ranging from minimal management where you gain a few followers each month, to our full-service account management with maximum results.

How many followers can I get?

Step 2

It depends on which package you order, although we do guarantee 100% that you will get a certain amount of followers each month. Our system is totally reliable.

  How do you create content for me?

Step 2

We spend time learning, asking, and getting to know about you and your projects or business. If you go for our managed account options, we will write in your voice, and always give you full sign-off before anything gets released!

  How can I find out more?

Step 2

We'll schedule a short call to find out about your business goals and how we can help you achieve your best possible outcomes!

Who We Are

I'm Marcus J Freed, a marketing-consultant, and I love helping businesses grow to become more successful. If you're interested in setting up a call, it will be with myself and another team media. Your success is our success and we are committed to helping you grow. I look forward to hearing from you.  

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