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Are you to get more Instagram followers so that you can improve your business?

We have the ultimate way to increase your Instagram following. It is fully compliant and we'll get you real followers, many of whom will engage with your posts. No bots, no fakes, no banned accounts, just great results!

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Are you a business promoting a product or service?  Seeking more customers and more income?

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Are you great at your job but don't have the time to 'do' social media?

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Are you an actor or performer looking to get seen and build your following?

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Do you have a social cause you would like to promote, to spread your message and inspire action?

We have the Instagram secret to get you followers.
Here's how it works:

1. We choose an Instagram influencer whose audience will align with your work.

2. We set up a giveaway where people follow you. 

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3. Your audience grows and grows so you have more engaged followers!

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Boost Your Profile
Boost Your Business

As a business-owner you need to have a great-looking Instagram account so that you can demonstrate your work and connect with more potential patients.

Many companies have great social followings.
Why not join them?

When people see you have a lot of followers, it creates 'social proof', and they will be more inclined to get in touch with you. We can show you how to improve your social media presence and get you more visibility than your competition.

Our Clients Love Our System
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Step 1

We book a celebrity with over 500,000 followers and set up a prize giveaway. 


Step 1

People have to follow your account to enter the contest. This way you are guaranteed more followers.


Step 1

You'll instantly see your numbers boost.  Now all you have to do is keep posting great content, which we can help with.

Watch out for 'Blocked Account' horror stories
We follow instagram's community guidelines
because this is all about your success

Here is how we can help your business.

ACCOUNTANTS/CPAs: We’ll admit that tax returns and P&L sheets aren’t that exciting, but you need more business and Instagram is a great platform to appeal to Gen X, Millennials and Gen Y’ers, all of whom need an accountant, perhaps have their own growing business, and are looking for someone they trust. You watch the numbers on the spreadsheets and we'll watch the numbers of your followers and potential customers. We'll make an engaging story out of your figures so you can focus on the bottom line.

ACTORS: You want to get seen by Casting Directors and you want to get jobs. It is dangerous buying followers because this can have repercussions on your social profile. We have smaller packages that can suit actors that get you genuine growth with more real followers. Ask us about it and we’ll give you the lowdown!

APPAREL & CLOTHING DESIGNERS: Nobody said it would be easy to launch a brand, but it doesn’t have to be this hard doing your marketing! We remove that stress, use your existing photos or even send in our crew to take beautiful new pics for you. You keep designing and we’ll keep marketing you on Instagram so that more people can find you and more people can buy your apparel!

ARTISTS & ETSY CREATORS: Van Gogh didn't sell anything during his lifetime, but he didn't have Instagram or Etsy. WTF. Maybe that's a tenuous connection..but you don't have to suffer like the master and you don't have to cut your ear off. We'll take care of guiding your social presence, getting your work out there and finding the people who love your art and will pay for it, so you can do what you love and make your art! Let's take the pressure off your side-hustle and grow your IG so you can sell more stuff and create, create, create

BOUTIQUE HOTELS: Gotta fly now? In times like these it is more important than ever for high-flyers to fly in a private, low-risk safe, environment. Competition is still high but that’s where we can get you to stand out from the rest. Just as your clients look good on their profiles, we want you to look good so that they can find you and hire you. Let’s talk.

CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: It is time to put on a great display of your construction projects so that potential customers can see your great work. You may have typical photographs of building foundations, trenches, wiring and top-notch kitchens, but what about all the stories of happy clients living in the homes that you have worked on, or the tenants of your commercial projects? Instagram is also a great way to educate your clients on changes in building legislation, and how this can impact or benefit the owners, for better or for worse. Let’s get your online profile up to scratch, and get the word out to more potential customers so they can hire your company.

COSMETIC SURGEONS:Let’s be blunt. Some cosmetic surgeons have fantastic Instagram followings with a lot of engaged followers. Their photos are beautiful, their posts are well-written and their calendar is full. Let’s get you and your account up to scratch. Botox, breast enhancements and rhinoplasties all have an important purpose for the patient, they all have the potential for interesting social media posts, and there are more people than ever before who will potentially book your services - even if it means specially flying into your state! Let’s get your profile seen alongside the most prominent surgeons, and get you more customers than ever before.

DIVORCE ATTORNEYS:  It’s a rough business but somebody’s got to do it. But how do you promote your services on social media? The human angle is one approach - sharing your success stories of how you manage to keep life as stress-free as possible for your clients, and protecting their assets and children - but you already have enough to do without thinking about your presence on Instagram. Let’s set up a call and see how we can help you promote your important services.

HELICOPTER & PRIVATE JET HIRE: Gotta fly now? In times like these it is more important than ever for high-flyers to fly in a private, low-risk safe, environment. Competition is still high but that’s where we can get you to stand out from the rest. Just as your clients look good on their profiles, we want you to look good so that they can find you and hire you. Let’s talk. 

LAWYERS: Yes!! The market is tough, you need clients, and many potential people are scrolling through 'the gram. We will help your [apparently boring? Did we just say that] business look interesting!!! For real. We've done it before and we'll do it for you.

LUXURY CAR HIRE: People are still buying during these tough times, but how do you tell a story in a way that makes people want to buy from you? You are far more thank just seats, wheels and transportation with excellent customer service: you are about getting people to their destination?  

MUSICIANS & SINGERS: Are you writing music to be licensed for film and television? Are you a band looking for a bigger audience of people who'll love and buy your music? We know the entertainment business. We started in Hollywood and some of our biggest clients are filmmakers, television execs, production companies and event promoters. 

FILMMAKERS: You've made your film, maxed out your card/spent your savings, have a little bit left in your budget for promos, but how are you going to get it seen even after you've got some festival laurels? Many of us started as actors and many of clients are in Hollywood and successfully working in the biz. We know the game, and we'll help you.

EVENT PLANNERS: Covid changed everything, at least for now, but we'll help you get back to speed and get your brand out there. Videos of your events, alluring pics, plus the personal touch of your story if you'd like it. You do your work, and we'll do ours..which is to tell the story of you work and get you seen by the clients who'll love you and hire you. 

PRODUCT LAUNCH: You have worked hard on your product and it is essential that it gets a good launch. Not just to recoup your investment, but to make sure that as many people benefit from it as possible! We help build your account, design your posts and tell your story in a way that will broadcast it to the world and boost your sales!  off your new product.

REAL ESTATE: Whether you rent apartments, flip homes or provide services to the real estate industries, we can help you create an online profile that is more than just pictures of brickwork, construction and new kitchens. That is part of it, but so is the personal angle of how you improve people’s lives through your properties. That’s where our expertise comes in, and we’ll keep your profile upbeat, engaging and something that builds trust between you and future clients!

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Are you being sued? Is your reputation at risk? We can help build your online profile if you need damage limitation!! We all make mistakes, but if you just done one then we can help fix your reputations.

VETERINARY CLINICS: Pet ownership skyrocketed during the Covid lockdowns since there were more people living at home than ever before, so as a result more people wanted company. Dog training is essential, whether you live in the middle of a city or on a farm in the countryside, and veterinary services now more important than ever before. Everyone needs a great vet. Let’s get the word out about you and your veterinary offerings so that pet owners can pick up the phone and book you for their pet care!

YOGA TEACHERS: You need more privates students. That's where the money is. Studio classes are good, but the private students pay 3x the price. I know that because I taught yoga for 15 years, in over 18 countries! But there are a ton of pretty yoga models killing it on Instagram. So we'll try another strategy to get your story out there and get you more students. "The state of yoga is achieved when the mind's fluctuations are calmed" (Yoga Sutras 1:2).

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS: The market is tough right now. So much flipping noise and everyone thinks their IPhone 11Pro is going to beat your years of experience capturing those special moments. Let's tell your story anew, get you seen, and get you more gigs from people who love your work and are ready to pay your rate.

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